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Boom Times


Starting on a Dime

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16-year-old Troy Almand was Walton 5&10’s first male clerk. During the spring of 1950, he helped the Walton family stock shelves and set the store for its grand opening.


Sam and Helen Walton and their children move to Bentonville, Arkansas. Sam opens Walton's 5&10, a Ben Franklin franchise, on May 9.


After extensive remodeling, Walton’s 5&10 has its official grand reopening on March 15. During its first year of operation, the store has sales of $75,000.


Sam Walton opens a second variety store, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Willard Walker joins the company to manage the store.

Walton Store Floor Tiles

Our earliest example of Every Day Low Cost (EDLC). Sam saved when he accepted a slightly mismatched batch of tiles at a lower cost.


Sam buys his first plane, an Ercoupe Model 415-C.

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Sam and Bud Walton open a Ben Franklin variety store in Ruskin Heights, a subdivision in Kansas City, Missouri.


Bob Bogle is hired as the first manager of Walton's 5&10 in Bentonville, freeing Sam to focus on expansion.

Little Known Sparks

What acronym does Walmart use for its Information Systems Division?

Walmart's ISD is the company's computer support group. These associates design programs and make sure Walmart's systems run properly.


Charlie Baum joins the company, taking over Willard Walker's role as manager of the Fayetteville store.


The Ben Franklin store in Ruskin Heights is leveled by a tornado.

By the Numbers

By the end of the 1950s, Sam Walton has eight Ben Franklin stores, ringing up approximately $1.4 million in annual sales.